Milk Vending Machine to Dairy Award Success

Katie Shanahan


| May 30, 2024

Milk vending machine

Michael and Sally Cahalane, a couple from Clonakilty, West Cork, have been shortlisted in the National Dairy Awards 2024. The couple have innovatively combined their backgrounds in farming and social work to create Bo Bainne Úr, a mobile milk vending machine business. Their unique approach brings fresh, locally produced Jersey milk directly to consumers, emphasising freshness, quality, and sustainability. With the aid of Herdwatch, they’re able to produce high quality jersey milk, track performance and bring fresh cows milk straight to the general public.

Background and Concept

Michael Cahalane, a dairy farmer, and Sally Kearney, a family support worker, launched Bo Bainne Úr after extensive preparation and regulatory compliance efforts. The idea was sparked by Michael’s interest in micro dairies, leading him to purchase a modular dairy unit from Unison in Limerick. This nine-meter prefabricated unit is capable of pasteurising milk and met the stringent requirements of the Department of Agriculture​.

Business Operations

Bó Bainne Úr operates from a converted horsebox, which travels around Clonakilty and nearby areas. The vending machine dispenses lightly pasteurised, non-homogenised milk from Michael’s herd of purebred Jersey cows, known for their high calcium and protein content. Customers can buy the milk in reusable glass bottles or bring their own containers​. The business also offers flavoured milk options, including popular varieties like Nutella, Oreo, and Kinder Bueno, catering to diverse consumer tastes and making the product more appealing to children and adults alike​.

Vending machine dairy award winner
Vending machine dairy award winner
Sustainability and Community Impact

Sustainability is a core principle of Bo Bainne Úr. By using reusable glass bottles and operating on a small scale, the business aligns with the farm-to-fork concept, reducing environmental impact. The direct sales model not only ensures the freshness of the product but also strengthens the connection between consumers and local producers​.

How Herdwatch Helps!

Michael uses the Herdwatch App on a daily basis the register calves on his busy dairy farm in west cork. With their busy lifestyle and now new business, Michael and Sally depend on tools to minimise the amount of time spent doing farm paperwork.


“It’s great for registering the calves! So fast and no messing around with websites or paperwork! Makes my life as a Farmer and Full Time Worker so much easier, I can do it the second they’re born on my phone”


The Milk Insights Feature is a new tool that will allow Michael to track his herds performance. With a small business operating from his cow’s milk production, Michael can track any changes in individual cows performance and make informed decisions as a result. If it important to see any change in production before they become a rising issue. Having the insights on your phone allows you to quickly view any cows performance and manage her accordingly.

Dairy milk insights
To View your Milk Insights:
  • Tap on Performance.
  • Tap on Milk Recordings.
  • Tap on Per Cow.
From these Insights Farmers can view the following:
  • The date of the milk recording.
  • Calving date.
  • Days in milk.
  • Milk KG.
  • Milk Solids.

We would like to wish Michael and Sally the very best of luck in the final of the National Dairy Awards which will be held in The Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise on the 13th June.

To join Michael and over 22,000 Farmers on the Herdwatch App, Simply download the Free App today!


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