Herdwatch 5.1 – Breeding Redefined

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| May 4, 2018

5.1 release

The Breeding update you can’t do without!

Exciting news: We have launched another major Herdwatch update that will bring your breeding management to the next level.

It comes just weeks after the version 5 release, which was our most innovative app update at that time.

Herdwatch 5.1 brings another wave of new features which includes ICBF integration, an overhaul of the breeding module, animal remedy withdrawal dates, improved performance, and more.

ICBF integration is now here

You can now connect Herdwatch with your ICBF Herdplus account. This will allow you to automatically download your records from ICBF. You can give access to your ICBF records in the settings of your app.


 1. ICBF


Download AI Records

If you are using an AI technician to artificially inseminate your cows, there is no longer a need to enter these in the app. We will automatically download them from ICBF Herdplus.


Animal Progeny

Once Herdwatch is linked with your ICBF Herdplus account, it will download the ancestry and progeny of your animals, giving you the entire history of your farm in the palm of your hand.


Animal Weights

Any weights recorded on ICBF will also be pulled into the app. This might include past weights, mart weights or weights that have been sent to ICBF from technician.



Medicine withdrawal information

First, we made it possible to scan animal remedies. Now we have added the withdrawal information. We know that not having access to the withdrawal information can sometimes be a roadblock when recording remedies so we removed it by putting it in the app.


2. medicine withdrawal


The New and Improved Breeding Module

It’s a fact that farmers using Herdwatch have a calving interval that is much shorter than the national average. And it’s about to get even shorter!

We have overhauled our breeding module to make it quicker and smarter for farmers.


Breeding Alerts

Herdwatch will now send you a push notification when a cow is due to come into heat or due to repeat.




ICBF Links

AI technician serves will now flow into Herdwatch and any serves you create in Herdwatch will go to ICBF


All New Breeding View

You can now get complete visibility on whats happening in your Herd. In the new breeding view, you can see:

  • What cows have been served
  • The number of serves
  • A full log of all the breeding activity on your farm
  • What cows have not come into heat yet
  • And much more






New Pregnancy scanning flow

We have completely overhauled the pregnancy scanning module to make it much faster and more intuitive. It literally takes seconds to record a scanning result for a cow, even if she doesn’t have a serve recorded.


Numeric Keyboard everywhere

You can now set the numeric keyboard as standard, which will allow you to search animals faster.


The Herdwatch app is now 3 times faster

We have significantly improved the performance of the app. It now opens faster, giving you quicker access to your records. The breeding views are also quicker and smarter, allowing you to record information faster.


As always, there are also number of smaller fixes and improvements across the app.



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