Herdwatch gets extensive coverage in Farmers Journal

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Feb 26, 2014

FRS article
Jack Kennedy, Irish Farmers Journal Dairy Editor, visited a farm in Mothel, Co. Waterford last Friday to see first-hand how Herdwatch made a difference to 3 generations of the same family, farming a 100 cow herd. Mark, the Grandson, David, the Son, and Brendan, the Father (75 years milking), have completely embraced Herdwatch over the past few weeks. In fact, they now use it daily on 2 iPhones, an iPad and a Laptop. Mark said “We have been looking out for something like this for years. We used to text each other Remedy Records so that one of us would always have them”.

When asked how long it takes to register a calf, David replied “20 seconds at most…the last update took so many steps out of the process it might even be quicker”.

You can read Jack Kennedy’s full page report in today’s Farmers Journal, on page 30.

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