Minister for Agriculture Announces Commencement of TAMS Payments

Katie Shanahan

| General

| Jun 11, 2024

TAMS Payment

The Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, has announced the commencement of payments under the Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Scheme (TAMS). Payments totalling nearly €1.4 million are set to be issued this week.

In addition to this, the Department continues to issue approvals across all TAMS schemes. Over 12,000 approvals for investments have been issued under the first two tranches of the scheme.

Eligible Investments under TAMS

The TAMS payments support a broad range of investment items across various farming sectors. Some of the key eligible investments include:

TAMS Scheme

These investments are designed to promote sustainable farming practices, improve farm safety, and support the overall modernization of agriculture in Ireland.

Furthermore, the continuous updates and approvals under TAMS underscore the scheme’s role in driving agricultural innovation and sustainability. As farmers, you are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities provided by TAMS to enhance your operations.

The Role of Herdwatch Farm Management App in TAMS Implementation

As farmers navigate the complexities of the  TAMS, leveraging technology can significantly streamline the process. Furthermore it can help modernise your farming practices. The Herdwatch farm management app is a valuable tool that can help farmers effectively manage and monitor various aspects of their farming operations. This ensures compliance with TAMS requirements and optimising overall farm productivity.

Efficient Slurry and Fertiliser Management

Herdwatch simplifies the tracking of slurry and fertiliser storage and use. This is crucial for both environmental compliance and effective nutrient management. Farmers can easily record the application of slurry and fertilisers, track usage rates, and ensure they are adhering to best practices. By maintaining accurate records, farmers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, aligning with TAMS objectives. In addition, this will help monitor and reduce costs on the farm.

Livestock Remedies and Treatments

Managing the health and welfare of livestock is a critical component of modern farming. The Herdwatch app allows farmers to log all treatments and remedies purchased and  administered to their animals, including vaccinations, medications, and other health interventions. This comprehensive tracking ensures that farmers can monitor the health status of their livestock, maintain necessary records for inspections, and provide evidence of best practices in animal welfare. The app also includes a watch board for setting reminders for upcoming treatments, ensuring that no essential health measures are missed.

Herdwatch app screens
Dairy Milk Insights and Bulk Tank Collection Tracking

For dairy farmers, the Herdwatch app offers detailed insights into milk production and bulk tank collections. You can now record milk yields, monitor production trends, and track the quality of milk being collected. This data is invaluable for identifying issues early, optimising milk production, and ensuring high-quality outputs. Additionally, the app can track bulk tank collections, providing a clear record of milk volumes collected and payments received. This is becoming in increasingly important for financial planning and reporting.

Dairy Farming Herdwatch

Ultimately, the combination of TAMS funding and the Herdwatch app provides farmers with the tools needed to modernise their operations, improve productivity, and achieve sustainable farming goals. As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, embracing such digital solutions will be key to future success and environmental stewardship.


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