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Easily record and track vital livestock production information with our Cattle & Dairy solution by Herdwatch


Eliminate farm paperwork and make better decisions

Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on things that really matter to you. Stay on top of your farm business and make better decisions by seeing the information that matters when it matters.

The market-leading app, used on more than 20,000 farms and ranches today

Easily record and track vital information about your livestock, including births, weights, health records, breeding performance, sales and more.
Our easy-to-use app makes it simple to record production information on your mobile device or computer, saving you time and reducing paperwork.

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Core Features – Cattle

Whether you want to record Breeding & Health events, track Sales & Purchases or even monitor Profit Per Animal, our Cattle solution has everything you need…

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    Track your animals health, genetics, breeding, weights with average daily gains, sales & purchases and more…
    Manage your herd from your hand, individually or in groups. Record births & sales easily.
    Simplify your medicine records by capturing group & individual treatments quickly.
    Record general jobs/tasks to to done, feed purchases, measure BCS, weaning, castration or hoof care and more…
    Manage your animals’ breeding performance easily by recording serves, scans, dry-offs and generate due to calf lists.
    Whether its for your own use or farm inspections, generate reports in seconds with our ready-made reports.

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    Cow-Calf, Stockers & Feedlots

    Additional Features

    There are a large range of extra features in the Cattle solution by Herdwatch that will allow to to bring your herd’s performance to the next level:


    Automated Insights

    Keep track of your cattle margins on your farm with this new feature.

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    • Scan all your auction and packer dockets securely into Herdwatch
    • All important data is automatically stored on each animal’s profile
    • Run performance reports to make informed decisions and increase your profits.

    Map you Farm

    Put your ranch on the map and manage field jobs and notes

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    • Using high resolution satellite imagery to map your pastures, name them, measure the acreage & color code by purpose
    • Create field jobs & reminders for upcoming tasks, generate reports for inspections and much more

    ADG Reports

    Access average daily gain reports instantly in your Herdwatch app
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    • Once you record a weight in Herdwatch it will automatically calculate the Average Daily Gain for you
    • Use the Average Daily Gains to track each animal’s performance and make decisions on medicine usage, feed and finishing…

    Feed Purchase Records

    Record all of your feed purchases throughout the year

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    • Keep track of your feed purchase records by quickly inputting them into the Herdwatch app
    • Document the quantity purchased along with the price and an optional image of your invoice for future records….
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    Here’s what our members are saying

    Helen Parr

    Cambridgeshire, UK

    “Herdwatch is like my super nanny! Everything I do gets put into herdwatch and it processes everything and gives me my results at the end. The whole app is brilliant”

    Shane O' Neill

    Co. Cork, Ireland

    “From a breeding perspective it's brilliant! We have a fragmented farm here so when the 2 bulls are out I can check the cows every day to see who is bulling and put it into the herdwatch app”

    Brian Reidy

    Co. Tipperary, Ireland

    “I mainly use the feature that tells me which cows haven't come in heat since calving. Once they're gone more than 42 days I will look at intervention and input the scan results into the app"