Herd Management for Suckler farmers using the Watchboard

Herd Management for Suckler farmers using the Watchboard

Calves Not Registered

This is where suckler farmers can go to easily identify calves that have been created on Herdwatch but still have not been registered.

Heat Due Today

This identifies the cows that are due to come bulling from a previous heat observation recorded in Herdwatch.

Watch for Repeat

This shows the cows that are between 19-22 days since their serve date allowing you to keep an eye on them for any repeats.

Calving next 7 days

This shows a list of the cows that are 7 days from their expected calving date allowing suckler farmers keep a closer eye on these animals.

Animals In Withdrawal

Want to check if an animal is in meat withdrawal? Simply click into the animals in withdrawal list and you will see a list of your animals that are in withdrawal and the dates they are out of withdrawal.

Planned Jobs

This feature allows farmers plan tasks in the future. Once complete farmers can mark the task as complete.

Full Cross Compliance

Our reports comply with regulatory bodies so in the event of an inspection your records are ready to go on Herdwatch.

Know what’s in your Herd at all times

Herdwatch will update your herd as you buy or sell animals with a touch of a button.

Easy Report Management

All information in Herdwatch can be got in easy to read views as well as this all type of reports can be sent to you at a touch of a button.