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Full flock overview in your pocket

Easily record and track vital flock production information with our Sheep & Goats solution (formerly Flockwatch)


Eliminate farm paperwork and make better decisions

Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on things that really matter to you. Stay on top of your farm business and make better decisions by seeing the information that matters when it matters.

The market-leading app, used on more than 20,000 farms and ranches today

Easily record and track vital information about your flock, including births, weights, health records, breeding performance, sales and more.

Our easy-to-use app makes it simple to record production information on your mobile device or computer, saving you time and reducing paperwork.

Cammy Wilson, also known as ‘The Sheep Game’

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Core Features

Whether you want to record Breeding & Health events, track Sales or even monitor Ewe Performance and Lambing Stats, our Sheep & Goats solution has everything you need..

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Track your animals’ health, genetics, breeding, weights with average daily gains, sales & purchases and more…

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Manage your flock from your hand, individually or in groups / mobs. Record births & sales easily.

Simplify your medicine records by capturing group & individual treatments quickly.


Manage your animals’ breeding performance easily by capturing mating records, lambed list, lambing stats and due to lamb lists.

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Connect your EID reader. Scan tags to view an animal’s history or add records individually or in batch.

Whether its for your own use or farm inspections, generate reports in seconds with our ready-made reports.

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Nicola Wordie – Instagram star uses ‘Sheep & Goats’ by Herdwatch (Flockwatch) to boost flock performance

Fast record entry with EID readers

Simplifying farming with EID reader compatibility

With Sheep & goats by Herdwatch, sheep farmers now have an app at their fingertips which will allow rapid capture of lambing, breeding, weighing, medicines records and more. The app will highlight the best and worst performing ewes in order to make better decisions for the following season.

Check out the benefits of EID Readers

Connect EID Wand

Your flock in your hands

Add your sheep or goats manually into the app or scan your flock into the app with an EID reader.

Scan EID Tag

Scan your sheeps EID tag for quick record entry

A sheep or goat’s profile is created when you read their tag.

Animals in Sheep & Goats

Fast EID reader integration

Quickly record your sheep or goats information with simple EID reader integration.

Herdwatch EID Reader Compatibilty

  EID reader integration for cattle & sheep

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Trutest SRS2

scan eid

Trutest XRS2

eid scanned

Agrident AWR 300

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Agrident AWR 250

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Agrident APR 250

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