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NCBA CattleCon Agventures 

Katie Shanahan

| General

| Feb 26, 2024


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited BOOTH #2400 during their CattleCon experience! We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support and feedback we received as we embark on our mission to extend our impact on a global scale and help out more producers.

In North America, where a multitude of cattlemen are eager to expand their operations, our team took pride in serving as the primary point of contact for questions on simplifying herd management and digitizing redbooks during NCBA.


After many conversations, we found a revolving theme; the importance of an easy-to-use record keeping software. We encountered stories of records being eaten by dogs;countless narratives on breeding records written on dashboards and napkins. These stories convery the stress and challenges faced by producers on a daily basis. Enter Herdwatch, the ultimate solution to each of these tales, offering a sign of relief in the face of record-keeping nightmares.

women at booth talking to farmers

The marriage of technology and livestock management has proven to have no downside, offering a secure platform for managing your records effortlessly. We are ecstatic to be sharing an innovative solution and look forward to seeing you at our next trade show!

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