Refer A Friend Rewards

Money off your next renewal!

When you refer a friend, or five!

The more friends you refer to Herdwatch, the more rewards you get!

Are you are a Herdwatch member? you can get rewarded for referring a friend to Herdwatch.

Simply tell another farmer (or 5!) to sign up to Herdwatch and we will give you €/$/£100 off your next renewal for each valid referral. It’s a Win, Win!

Once you know your friend has signed up to Herdwatch, fill out the form below and we will validate them!

How to claim your rewards

Step 1.
Your friend has to sign up to either a FREE or PRO plan and download their herd or flock to the app.
Step 2.
Fill in your details on the referral form below, and add your referral’s name and mobile number. Then submit the form.

Step 3.
We will check they are indeed signed up and add  €/$/£100
of credit to your account for every referral! The more referrals, the more money off your renewal!

Claim your rewards-image of happy family

Get your Rewards

Enter your details, then add each friend to claim €/$/£100  per referral.


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What is the Herdwatch Refer A Friend scheme?

We know that Herdwatch members love our app and are responsible for a huge amount of word of mouth referrals.

Our Refer A Friend scheme is designed to recognise this and reward our loyal customers for recommending the Herdwatch app to their friends & family.

What sort of rewards can I claim?

You can claim discounts off your next annual renewal in €/$/£ 100 increments depending on how many friends you refer and whether or not they are valid e.g. 1 referral is €/$/£100 off, 3 valid referrals would be €/$/£ 300 off.

Who is this available to?

Herdwatch Refer-A-Friend rewards are available to all Herdwatch members on a PRO (i.e. paid for) plan or active Free-Basic plan.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, just tell your friends and family who are farming to download the Herdwatch app and set up a Free or Pro account, then go to the page on our website to claim your rewards. You must fill out the online form above to claim a reward. Once a member of the team verifies the account we will award you credits to be used at your next renewal.

What if I referred my friend some time back?

That’s OK, we will accept referrals for any new members who signed up on or after the 1st of January, 2022.

How many rewards can I claim?

As long as the referred members are new and unique, you can make as many referrals as you wish with each valid referral equalling $/€/£100 off your next renewal.

Where can a friend find the Herdwatch app?.

To refer a friend, tell them to go to our website or to download Herdwatch NextGen from the App Store or Play Store.
You can also sign into Herdwatch and:

  1. Swipe right on the home screen to access the side menu
  2. Tap on ‘Tell a friend’
  3. Choose the person you want to tell from your contacts
  4. They can then download the app and sign up to Herdwatch.