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Field management in your pocket

Easily record and track vital field records and crop production information with our Grass & Crops solution by Herdwatch


Optimise your farm productivity and make better decisions

Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on the things that really matter to you.
Stay on top of your farm business and make better decisions by seeing the information that matters when it matters with Grass & Crops by Herdwatch.

Unleash the performance of each of your fields with our new pasture management tool

Introducing the next evolution in pasture management with grass and crops by Herdwatch. Designed to empower farmers with cutting-edge technology, this tool revolutionises the way you manage your land.

Whether you’re a livestock producer seeking to enhance grazing efficiency and fertilizer usage or a grain producer aiming to manage your crop health and maximize yields, Grass & Crops by Herdwatch is your indispensable partner for sustainable and profitable farming practices.

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Core Features

Whether you want to manage fertilizer usage, create pasture records, measure crops yield per field and more to enhance your land’s productivity, our Grass & Crops solution has everything you need…
Grass & Crops Screens

Import your soil test results and visualize your Ph, P & K levels with our easy-to-understand analysis to help make informed decisions.


Track cultivations, seeding events, crop health & yields at harvest to manage events and also track your input costs and returns.


Record your chemical spray purchases and usage in our easy-to-usage app for compliance and to track costs.


Create field jobs & reminders for upcoming tasks, generate reports for inspections and much more…


Record all fertilizer purchases and usage in the app to manage costs and track application history per pasture.


Using high resolution satellite imagery to map your pastures, name them, measure the acreage & color code by purpose.

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Simplifying Livestock

Unleash the full potential of your fields by mapping your farm in the Grass & Crops solution on the Herdwatch app. Easily measure your fields, color code them by purpose and create field records with our Grass & Crops solution that has been designed by producers, for producers to help you manage your land better. Whether you want to Map Your Fields by purpose, track your Fertilizer costs or even monitor your Crop Production, our Grass & Crops solution is the one for you…

Grass & Crops Field Profile

Manage everything from the hooves down

Gain precision insights and understand your land like never before

Our intuitive software makes it easy to capture data on your mobile device or computer, saving you time and reducing paperwork

  • Digital field records in your pocket at all times
  • Instant access to easy-to-understand soil health data.
  • Track fertilizer and chemical spray costs & usage.
  • Tracking of seeding events, crop health and yields.
  • High resolution maps to visualize land management plans.
  • Maintain chemicals and fertilizer records for inspections.
  • Creating field jobs and reminders for upcoming tasks.
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