AgTech leader Herdwatch acquires two vet software companies in the UK and Ireland

Katie Shanahan

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| Feb 13, 2024

man and woman holding device
Herdwatch CEO and Co-founder Fabien Peyaud with Jennie Milligan, ComTag

TB Master and ComTag join Herdwatch to create single platform for livestock producers and vets

Herdwatch, the market leading Agtech software company, has announced the acquisition of Lilac Technology, renowned for their TB Master software in the UK, and ComTag in Ireland. Herdwatch expects the acquisition to accelerate its plans to provide software solutions in the veterinary space, adding to its existing portfolio of veterinary practice management software from another recent acquisition. This latest acquisition will see over 1,000 British and Irish veterinary professionals join the Herdwatch platform. The deal also further strengthens Herdwatch’s position as the number one livestock management software platform in the UK and Ireland.

Founded over 25 years ago by Jim McGreevy, ComTag supplies TB and blood testing software solutions for veterinary practices across the island of Ireland. Lilac Technology was founded in the UK over 20 years ago by Andrew Cobner and Ian Lorraine, offering its own TB and blood testing software, TB Master, to customers in England and Wales. Together, they attracted a client base of over 1,000 veterinary professionals and are known for their focus on speed and reliability, with their easy-to-use software running on military-grade rugged devices. These devices are built to cope with the harsh environment that is the farmyard.

Herdwatch was co-founded by Fabien Peyaud and FRS Network (Farm Relief Services) in 2012 and provide software solutions to over 20,000 farms and ranches, including dairy, beef, sheep and goat producers. The company recently released a pasture and field management solution, Grass & Crops by Herdwatch. The Herdwatch platform is now available in over 170 countries worldwide, with a specific emphasis on North America, where the establishment of a dedicated team has led to significant traction and promising growth.

With this latest acquisition, Tipperary-based Herdwatch continues its rapid expansion less than a year after the company completed its acquisition of Farmplan’s livestock software customers in the UK and 8 months after acquiring well-known Irish farm software company Kingswood Computing. The company say they are planning further expansion in the coming months and are developing a specific research and development roadmap and team for new products that will enhance the vet-producer relationship and make it easier for them to collaborate in the digital world, including the ability for vets to create and manage digital prescriptions and the ability for producers to request prescriptions and advice from their vet directly on the Herdwatch platform.

business partnership of two men
Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch CEO, with Gerry Linskey of Kingswood Computing (left) and Piers Costley of ProAgrica-Farmplan (right)

Fabien Peyaud, CEO and co-founder of Herdwatch said: “ComTag and Lilac were pioneers in the AgTech field, and the leadership of their respective founders resulted in some of the earliest tech solutions for vets. The vet-producer relationship is one of the most critical in food production, so it makes sense for Herdwatch to join the dots and be the first software platform in the world to bring livestock producers and vets together in the same digital ecosystem. This will also help us in other areas such as Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and Carbon footprint management.”

The Herdwatch app consisting of their Cattle & Dairy, Sheep & Goats and Grass & Crops solutions is available for download on the App Store or Play Store today or explore further details at

The deal will see ComTag and Lilac employees join Herdwatch’s growing team of more than 80 people, where they will continue to support their respective customers. New developments will be coming soon, giving veterinary customers access to the continuous innovations Herdwatch is known for, including its advanced cloud technology. Over time, existing Herdwatch customers will also benefit from a solution that will seamlessly link their farm operations with their vet, one of their most critical partners.

Andrew Cobner, founder and manager of Lilac Technology said: “Having been a practicing vet myself for over 30 years, I know first-hand how tough but also how important a job it is. With TB Master, we helped make vets’ lives easier for over 20 years, and I am very confident the Herdwatch team will take it to the next level.”

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