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| Apr 25, 2024

weigh head integration

In livestock management, efficiency is key. Whether you’re overseeing a dairy operation or tending to a flock of sheep, the ability to accurately record weights can streamline your processes and provide invaluable insights into your animals’ health and growth. That’s where Herdwatch comes in. You can now connect your weigh head and EID reader to Herdwatch at the same time and record your cattle and sheep weights! Once weights are recorded– use the Insights feature to track and monitor these records and let Herdwatch help you make informed decisions about your herd/ flock!

Connecting to Herdwatch via Bluetooth

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the basic process of recording weights in Herdwatch. The app offers multiple options for connecting to Herdwatch via  Bluetooth.


Recording with both a weigh head and an EID reader.
  • Recording with a weigh head only.
  • Recording with an EID reader only.
  • Recording without a Bluetooth connection.
Recording with Both Weigh Head and EID Reader

If you have both a weigh head and an EID reader at your disposal, Herdwatch enables seamless integration between the two devices. Here’s how it works.

On the Home Screen, select the Orange Plus Button and choose ‘Weight Recording’.

Select ‘Multi-Task Weighing’ and enter the necessary details.

Connect both your EID reader and weigh head/clock.

Proceed to scan or select the first animal on the scales, then save the stable weight.

Continue adding weights as needed.

Once finished, select ‘Finish’ to save all entered weights

Recording with Weigh Head Only

If you’re using a weigh head exclusively, Herdwatch simplifies the process while maintaining accuracy. It is important to note that Herdwatch is only compatible with the TruTest EziWeigh 6/7i for now.

Follow the same initial steps as above, selecting ‘Weight Recording’ and ‘Multi-Task Weighing’.

Enter the relevant details and connect your weigh head/clock.

Scan or select the first animal, whether it’s on the scales or not, and save the stable weight.

Continue adding weights as required.

Select ‘Finish’ to save all recorded weights

Recording with EID Reader Only

For situations where you’re solely using an EID reader, Herdwatch offers a tailored solution. You can also read more here on what EID readers are compatible with Herdwatch.

Begin by selecting ‘Weight Recording’ and ‘Multi-Task Weighing’.

Enter the necessary details and connect your EID reader.

Scan or select the first animal, enter its weight, and save the stable weight.

Repeat the process for additional animals.

Select ‘Finish’ to save all weights entered.

EID Readers
Recording Without Bluetooth Connection

In instances where a Bluetooth connection isn’t available or preferred, Herdwatch still empowers you to record weights efficiently.

Access ‘Weight Recording’ from the Home Screen and choose ‘Multi-Task Weighing’.

Enter the relevant details manually, including the date and performer.

Scan or select the first animal, enter its weight, and save the stable weight.

Continue adding weights for other animals.

Select ‘Finish’ to save all recorded weights.


Tracking these Weight Recordings- Automated Insights

In the fast-paced world of farming, staying on top of livestock health and performance is crucial. Herdwatch’s  NEW Weight Insight feature offers a powerful solution, making it easier than ever for farmers to track key metrics and ensure their animals thrive. 

Effortless Monitoring

With Herdwatch, monitoring animal weights and Average Daily Gain (ADG) is a breeze. Farmers can effortlessly track weights recorded as part of weight tasks, organized by date, eliminating manual record-keeping hassles.

Customised Analysis

Farmers can refine their analysis by filtering data based on specific groups of animals, such as breed or age group, tailoring insights to their farm’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Insights

Herdwatch provides detailed data on maximum, minimum, and average weights, along with ADG, for each batch of animals. This information empowers farmers to fine-tune management practices for optimal performance.


Proactive Health Management

Highlighting the bottom 25% of animals based on live weight, Herdwatch helps identify potential health issues early on. Prompt intervention can then be taken to safeguard the well-being of livestock.

Simple Access

Accessing Weight Insights is straightforward. From the home screen, farmers can navigate to the ‘Performance’ section and select ‘Weight Insights.’ With just a few clicks, valuable data is at their fingertips.

With Herdwatch at your fingertips, recording weights becomes a breeze, regardless of your setup or preferences. Whether you’re managing cattle, dairy, sheep, or goats, this intuitive app streamlines the process, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficient, data-driven livestock management with Herdwatch.


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