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The future of buying and selling animals online

Buy & Sell is a FREE service to all Herdwatch members*

All of our livestock adverts will continue to include ‘Verified’ animal information from the Herdwatch app for peace of mind.

*Available in Ireland and the UK only

buy & sell by herdwatch logo

Buy and sell your animals with a trusted network of over 20,000 Herdwatch members.

Innovative Irish farmer Tom Ahern, has transformed the way he buys and sells animals on his farm by leveraging the latest livestock trading service, Buy & Sell by Herdwatch. This brand new livestock trading platform allows Tom to showcase his animals to a trusted network of farmers absolutely free.

Irish Farmer Utilises Herdwatch’s Free Buy & Sell Feature


It couldn’t be easier to create an advert

Share information such as: Breed, Age, Farm residencies (Number of Movements), Days on farm, Quality Assurance status , Last TB test date, Weight and Number of animals for sale.

Create a Listing

Click on the ‘Buy & Sell’ section in the app and select ‘Sell Animals.

Select your Animals

Select the animals you want to sell. Attach up to 3 pictures or a video.

Publish your Advert

Input your headline & description. Set your price and publish ad.

The information on the Herdwatch listing contains the most up to date animal information meaning that a farmer has complete confidence on the animals they are purchasing.

    Buy & Sell benefits

    This service helps buyers to simplify their purchasing decisions by allowing them to find the types of animals they want quicker whether that is by location, breed, age, weights & more quickly and with confidence in what they are looking at.

    Buy or sell animals quickly with confidence in what you’re looking at

    Increase the value of your stock with verifiable and reliable information

    Verified animal information, age, breed, residencies, last TB date etc

    Create ads straight from the app, advertise stock in a few single steps

    All Herdwatch members can use this service for FREE

    A trusted network of over 18,000 Herdwatch members

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