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Easily record and track vital livestock production information with our Dairy solution by Herdwatch


Eliminate farm paperwork and make better decisions

 Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on things that really matter to you. Stay on top of your dairy farm business and make better decisions by seeing the information that matters when it matters.

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Easily record and track vital information about your livestock, including births, health records, breeding performance, milk records and more.
Our easy-to-use app makes it simple to record production information on your mobile device or computer, saving you time and reducing paperwork.
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Core Features – Dairy

    Whether you want to record Health events, Births & Breeding Cycle Management or even Milk production per cow, our Dairy solution has everything you need…
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    Track your animals health, genetics, breeding, weights with average daily gains, milk production and more…
    Simplify your medicine records by capturing group & individual treatments quickly.
    Record general jobs/tasks to to done, feed purchases, measure BCS, weaning, castration or hoof care and more…
    Whether its for your own use or farm inspections, generate reports in seconds with our ready-made reports.
    Manage your herd from your hand, individually or in groups. Record births & sales easily.
    Manage your animals’ breeding performance easily by recording serves, scans, dry-offs and generate due to calf lists.

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    Additional Features

    There are a large range of extra features in the Dairy solution by Herdwatch that will allow to to bring your herd’s performance to the next level:

    Milk production
    Improve cow performance with the Herdwatch milk module
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    • Milk records and performance dashboards to manage your milking herd’s production, days in milk, yeilds, proteins, fats & more…
    • Selective breeding to easily identify the best cows for dairy replacements improving overall breeding and genetics.
    • Run performance reports quickly to make informed decisions and increase your profits.
    Milk collections
    Record every milk collection and never forget valuable information
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    • Track your herd’s production through the milk collections feature
    • Record important information including litres, temperature, protein, fat, lactose, SCC & more…
    Breeding Dashboard

    Mange the full breeding cycle of your herd easily with Herdwatch

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    • Breeding Dashboard to manage cows calved, served, conception rates, empty cows & more…
    • Track all breeding events with Due to Calf lists, Births, Heats, Serves, Scan results & more…
    Cow management
    Quickly record all information required to manage your herd efficiently
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    • Hoof Care records to manage lameness
    • Vet Call Outs to treat any sick animals
    • Scoring – Body Condition Scores, Abrasion, Mobility & Cleanliness
    • Selective Dry Cow Therapy using your milk records & more

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