Pre-Audit Check

The Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check will give you peace of mind

Herdwatch will help you

Prepare your reports and make sure you’re ready for your inspection

Pre-Audit Checks are important to ensure that you are well-prepared for your paperwork and farmyard audit. We’ll send you a notification up to two months before your next planned inspection to check through your records and farmyard for any improvements that could be made before the audit.
Herdwatch Call Centre

“We will remind you when your next planned inspection is due so you do not fall out of certification”

Herdwatch Reports Screen

We go through everything you need to prepare, providing recommendations and advice

Your Herdwatch advisor will highlight relevant items and documents so you can make sure they are up-to-date and formatted properly. The following are just some of the items we will look over:

  • Herd Register & Movements Records
  • Medicine Records
  • Feed Records
  • Slurry & Effluent Use
  • Farm Safety Report
  • Bord Bia Farm Sustainability Survey
  • And more…

“All of this is included within your annual fee when you add the Pre-Audit Check to your plan and will give you even more peace of mind”


What is the Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check?

The Pre-Audit Check is a pre-audit assessment to ensure you all of your paperwork and farm is ready for your next farm inspection, this is done by a trained Herdwatch advisor who will check through your records in Herdwatch before the call and then guide you through:

  • A thorough Pre-audit assessment
  • Helping to ensure all of your records are in order
  • Health and Safety assessment

Will I be notified when my scheduled Bord Bia inspection is due?

You can avail of this service at any time whether you have a planned or on the spot inspection.

Bord Bia Inspections are carried out every 18 months and we will send you a reminder well in advance of your next planned inspection so we can arrange the Pre-Audit Check.

How do I schedule my Pre-Audit Check?

You can schedule your Pre-Audit Check easily through the Herdwatch app. Just click into the message centre where you will see an option to book a time for your Pre-Audit Check.

Just select a time & date that suits you and we will call you at that time.

Do I schedule a Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check when my Bord Bia inspection is due?

The Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check can be availed of at any time, you don’t have to wait for an inspection to avail of this service.

How long does the Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check take?

Each Pre-Audit Check call with a trained Herdwatch advisor usually lasts just under one hour.

Do I still need to update my herd book and blue book if I use Herdwatch?

No, once you set Herdwatch as your ‘Bovine Electronic Herd Register’ on the AgFood website, you can keep all of you records in Herdwatch.

Who is this available to?

The Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check is available to all Herdwatch members on the PRO COMPLETE plan. If you are the ESSENTIALS plan you can upgrade by getting in touch.

Do I have to wait for my annual renewal to order?

No, you can upgrade your Herdwatch plan to include the Pre-Audit Check at any time by calling our Member Experience team on 0505-34400. The charge will be applied on a pro-rate basis depending on how much time is left on your current subscription.

I only have a small farm, can I become a PRO member and get the Pre-Audit Check?

Of course, Herdwatch have tiered pricing plans that work for all farm types, just ask the agent about adding the Pre-Audit Check to your plan when ordering

Where is it available?

The Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check is currently only available to members in the Republic of Ireland & the UK

Will Herdwatch put all of my records in the app for me?

No, we will certainly provide any member with our full support to show them how to enter their records into Herdwatch but responsibility lies with the herd holder to keep their records up to date and farm to meet required quality assurance standards.

Will Herdwatch help me get a maximum certificate in my next inspection?

Yes, that is what we are here to help you with, whereas you are still responsible for all of your records, preparation is key and we are here to help you prepare for your next audit is the best way possible.

Will Herdwatch come to my farm to help prepare my next inspection?

No, The Pre-Audit Check will be conducted over the phone.

How do I add the Pre-Audit Check to my Herdwatch PRO plan?

The Herdwatch Pre-Audit Check can be availed of at any time, you don’t have to wait for an inspection to avail of this service.

I want to become a Herdwatch member and get the Pre-Audit Check?

You can sign up on our website, by downloading the app or just give us a call on 0505-34400 and we will help you on your journey to both simplifying your farm paperwork and removing the stress of preparing for you next Quality assurance inspection.