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| Jul 28, 2023

Agccelerator team in farm shed

Herdwatch are delighted to be partnering with AgTechUCD for the return of the Agccelerator programme which is now entering its third year. The aim of this programme is to advance the skills and development of applicant’s startups. That’s fantastic news for startups in the agri-food, veterinary, equine, and Agri-tech sectors!


The invitation to submit proposals to the UCD Innovation Centre presents a unique opportunity for these innovative companies to showcase their cutting-edge goods and services.

Startups in these sectors should take this application as a chance to highlight their groundbreaking ideas, technologies, and solutions that have the potential to drive positive change and advancements within the agricultural and veterinary industries.

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For the duration of the 12 weeks, successful candidates will partake in business development workshops, investor readiness training, mentoring from business advisors and industry experts, guest speakers and facilitated introductions to AgTechUCD’s venture capital and business angle networks.

The programme will commence in October and be held at the new AgTechUCD innovation centre.

This opportunity could be a turning point for startups in these sectors, as it opens doors to funding, resources, and invaluable guidance that can help them turn their ideas into successful ventures. The agricultural and food sectors are constantly evolving, and the integration of technology and innovative solutions is becoming increasingly vital for sustainable growth.

Not only will successful applicants get access to advice and leaderships from the sectors experts, but they will also get access to UCD Lyons Farm’s incubator facility and on- farm testing for innovative goods and services.

Among the 19 startups that have completed the programme over the last two years are Cotter Agritech, Farm Fayre, MyGug and Proveye.

Herdwatch are delighted to be supporting this programme and invite anyone who may have an innovative edge and drive for business in the Agri sector to apply!

Please see the button below to learn more or submit your application today!



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