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| Oct 1, 2021

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What is happening?
The CTS Online service will be unavailable from 7pm Friday 1st October to 7am Monday 4th October 2021. This is to facilitate the migration of all Scottish cattle keepers from CTS (BCMS) to ScotEID. 

Will this stop me being able to access the Herdwatch app?
No, you will still be able to access Herwdatch and will be able to record all medicines, weights, create maps, etc. However, you will not be able to do the following whilst the CTS service is unavailable

  1. Sync your herd with CTS  
  2. New calf registrations 
  3. Record movements-on or movements-off  


Will this affect how I use Herdwatch?

No, there will be no impact on how you record your data in Herdwatch. However, all of your calf registrations and movements which are simply and easily recorded in Herdwatch and sent to BCMS (via CTS) will not be possible during this time. 

So how do I record my calf registrations or movements?
You will be able to do it again from 7am on Monday 4th October 2021 in Herdwatch when the CTS service comes back online. In the meantime, you can create the animal or movement in Herdwatch but will not be able to send in to CTS until 7am on Monday 4th October 2021. 

What if I have holding in Scotland?
If you have a holding in Scotland please go to our dedicated ScotEID migration web-page to find out more about the switch-over. 

Do I need to do anything?
No, but if you have any questions for Herdwatch, please contact us through the Message Centre in the app or call 02037732763 during normal business hours and we will be happy to help. 

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