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Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Oct 8, 2014

Patricia-Hearne farmer using Herdwatch app in field cows

Mary Phelan, journalist with Irish Country Living & The Farmers Journal, spoke with Brigid McGrath from Co. Clare and Patricia Hearne from Co. Waterford, two Herdwatch users who told Mary how Herdwatch has changed their lives on the Farm for the better. Here are some quotes from Mary’s piece, but be sure to read the full version in the Journal or online here.

“Patricia says there’s a lot more to Herdwatch than tag numbers and registration. It’s so much more, it’s a Godsend.”

“With Herdwatch you have your phone with you and it’s like texting – it’s done within seconds.”

“There was none of this fear factor – I never had such an easy inspection in my life”

“Brigid says she would actually pay a couple of hundred euro for the product”

Our sincere thanks to Brigid and Patricia, who have been kind enough to tell their story.

Pictured above: Patricia Hearne using Herdwatch on her Farm in Co. Waterford 

If you too are a Dairy or Beef farmer and would like the peace of mind of being compliance-ready at all times, and have access to your valuable farm records anytime, anywhere. Start your FREE trial with Herdwatch today!

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