Innovative Students from Cork Revolutionise Farm Safety

Katie Shanahan

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| Apr 12, 2024

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In the picturesque town of Kinsale, nestled in the heart of County Cork, innovation is brewing among a group of transition year students at Kinsale Community School. Meet Jack Good, David Forde, John Quinn, and Sean Dinneen, Four young farmers with a passion for problem-solving and a drive to make a difference in their community.

We took a trip to Kinsale this week to meet the four innovators and see how their product worked. Watch below.

djs engineering

Their journey began with an incident on Sean Dineen’s family farm, where a dehorner caught fire in the straw, sparking a disaster. Witnessing the dangers firsthand, the four friends recognised an urgent need for safer storage solutions for farm equipment. Thus, the seed of innovation was planted.

The team embarked on a mission to design a multifunctional farm equipment holder. Their creation aimed not only to securely store tools like hot calf dehorners, spray cans, and needles for medicines but also to prevent accidents like the one on Sean’s farm

Realising the potential impact of their invention, the team set their sights on the National Final of the Student Enterprise Competition. With determination and countless hours of hard work, they refined their design, meticulously crafting a product that addressed the specific needs of farmers whilst prioritising safety. Partnering with O’Neill’s Engineering in Ballinadee, the students turned their vision into reality. Collaborating closely with experienced professionals, they fine-tuned their prototype, ensuring it met the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Country Farm Supplies became their first stockist, offering farmers across the country access to their invention- which have since sold out by popular demand! But the team didn’t stop there. Recognising the importance of embracing technology in modern agriculture, they forged a partnership with Herdwatch, the leading farm management app.

Their collaboration with Herdwatch introduced a groundbreaking feature: a QR code integrated into the equipment holder. With a simple scan, farmers could seamlessly access the Herdwatch app, streamlining their farm management tasks. Whether recording treatments, tracking tasks, or managing livestock, the QR code revolutionised efficiency on the farm.

qr code

The impact of the team’s innovation rippled far beyond the borders of Kinsale. Farmers nationwide welcomed the safer, more organised approach to equipment storage, while Herdwatch members lauded the convenience of the integrated QR code feature. What began as a solution to a local problem had transformed into a game-changer for the entire agricultural community. Follow the lads journey on Instagram here-> @djs_engineering

qr code


The four lads will venture to Mullingar in May for the National Final and we at Herdwatch wish them the very best of Luck!

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