Livestock Management App Impresses Producers at Texas Cattle Raisers 2024

Natalia Bonilla

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| Apr 11, 2024

Texas Cattle Raisers 2024

Herdwatch leads Texas producers on a journey of discovery at the Texas Cattle Raisers, unveiling efficient record-keeping practices. March 22-23rd of 2024, Inside Sales Executive, Ceara Mulvey, and Digital Marketing Executive, Natalia Bonilla, meet up at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Traveling with a half-broken suitcase, and zero ingested caffeine, Natalia catches a glimpse of Ceara down the sidewalk. 

Minutes fly by as they hop into an Uber to catch up on what has been happening in each other’s lives. Ceara and Natalia see each other daily via a screen, but nothing beats face to face. As they hop into a clean, white, seated Lexus; they mentally prepare for everything Texas Cattle Raisers can offer. They are in their 20s, elated at the possibility of speaking to a new audience about what feels like the newest innovation: digital record keeping. 

The North American team understands that Herdwatch wasn’t the first to discover this ground-breaking tool, but they have the drive it takes to revolutionize the industry with it. Constantly evolving the app’s current state to suit all producers, Ceara and Natalia are ready to market to the cattlemen of Texas. 

Collaboratively discussing what the next couple of days has in store, Ceara stopped to look at the time. In traffic, they both nervously sat, realizing there would only be thirty minutes to unpack their booth once they reached the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Highlights of Texas Day 1 & 2 

Natalia took on the responsibility of introducing herself to different booths. Shaking hands with organizations like Horns4Hope and the Texas Beef Council to understand the latest in the Texas cattle industry. She passed booths that radiated low to high energies through the aisles. Many had bland browns and neutral tones until Booth #1625 came into sight. 

Conversations at the Herdwatch booth always began with a giant smile and ended with an EAT BEEF sticker and a short demo by Ceara. Ceara has a smooth way about her. She is swift in conversation allowing her ability to build relationships with producers shine. Her sales tactic is never pushy but relatively calm and collected.  

Cattlemen/women would come up with an array of questions for Ceara. “Does the app track their treatments? Can I create a Task List? Does the app require a signal?” The Answers: Yes, Yes, and No. Herdwatch is cloud-based; once you reach a signal or wifi, your records will automatically be synced.

This left producers intrigued.

Many of these producers came with their families to shop around for insurance plans, farm equipment, etc., and instead, they were left with a seed implanted to make their operation more efficient with a digital record-keeping system in place. Ceara walked out of there with our booth weighing about 50 lbs. and a treasured list of leads. Natalia trailed behind, her expression etched with concern, until a trio of cowboys rode in to the rescue. Later that night the steakhouse table for two was set, Natalia and Ceara enjoyed a steak dinner together to celebrate their first Texas Cattle Raisers.  

Simplifying Texas Cattle Ranching

At every trade show, our primary goal is simple: reach as many producers as possible and show them how beneficial digitizing their red books can be for a better record-keeping operation. Herdwatch is here to simplify livestock management for everyone, making it easy to understand and use. 

She’ll show you how to take your operation to the next level with a few simple clicks!

Follow the Herdwatch Team through North America to get an inside scoop into the cattle industry and their latest AGventures, @Herdwatch_NAM

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