Angus Creek Farms: A Journey in Sheep Farming with Brent and Meika -



Angus Creek Farms: A Journey in Sheep Farming with Brent and Meika

Katie Shanahan


| Mar 8, 2024

couple in a sheep shed

With a flock of 320 ewes, Meika, Brent, and their four boys subconsciously count sheep in and out of their sleep. The care and thought that goes into their flock have not gone unnoticed; this is how Angus Creek Farms was born. Angus Creek Farms operates out of Southern Ontario, Canada. The family’s farming journey began with the hopes of expanding a cattle operation; fast forward to today, the Pelleboers have shifted to an impressive lambing operation, utilizing 200 acres for pasture rotation.

With 200 acres to roam, thanks to the flexible fencing and the livestock guardian dogs that live among them as silent protectors, they are happily cared for. Brent and Meika have furry companions as security and family that lives nearby to help whenever needed. Brent helps when he can, but his off-farm job at an oil refinery nearby town keeps him busy.

The Pelleboers prioritize their flock’s health – “We want happy, healthy sheep.” The Rideau breed, carefully chosen for its compatibility with the management style and environment of Angus Creek Farms, thrives under their attentive care. An organized and efficient approach to health management involves a comprehensive medicine cabinet and detailed notes for each sheep.

woman and sheep

Whether dealing with a large or small flock, digitizing written records makes for a more organized operation. After almost three years of using Herdwatch, Meika describes how easy it is to use the software, mainly as she uses it to add new medicines and treatments. “Adding the medicines into the cabinet on the app and then treating an animal. It’s easy to scan their tag and apply the task.”

sheep in field

Having a flock management tool on Brent and Meika’s handheld device helps them manage their time more effectively. Herdwatch allows the user to input any/all data to make informed decisions on which animal isn’t performing.

sheep in field

Embarking on their Instagram journey in 2016, Brent and Meika transformed their platform into a digital diary, offering an authentic glimpse into all that goes into Angus Creek Farms. Initially intended for family and friends, their account has evolved into a space where followers enjoy witnessing the highs and lows of agricultural life. While their focus shifted from beef sales to sheep, the essence of their page remains rooted in showcasing the reality of farming. As they navigate the agricultural landscape, their commitment to their followers is always to stay transparent—dispelling myths and offering a genuine portrayal of raising sheep. 

Join Brent and Meika on their journey, @anguscreekfarms on Instagram, where each post paints a picture of the challenges and triumphs that define life on Angus Creek.

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