Louise Crowley’s Time-Saving Strategies for Calving Season

Katie Shanahan


| Feb 28, 2024

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In the premiere episode of our exciting new AgVentures by Herdwatch series, we embarked on a local journey to delve into the world of dairy farming. Our inaugural adventure led us to the doorstep of Louise Crowley, a dedicated farmer from the town of Croom in County Limerick. Welcoming the Herdwatch team onto her thriving 200-cow, spring-calving dairy farm, Louise offered us a firsthand glimpse into her daily operations – an experience that proved to be both enlightening and exhilarating. As a proud third-generation farmer, Louise stands alongside her father, John, in nurturing their agricultural heritage. Sharing her story, Louise fondly recounts her journey as a member of the Herdwatch community since 2018, a decision inspired by the heartfelt recommendation of a trusted friend.

“I was told that Herdwatch was going to be the next big thing!”

During our visit, the Herdwatch team eagerly embarked on a comprehensive tour of the farm, eager to capture the essence of daily life on Louise’s bustling dairy operation. However, our plans took an unexpected turn when a heifer decided that the moment was ripe for calving – and luckily, our cameras were rolling to capture the miraculous event in real time!

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That was just the beginning of the excitement. In our AgVenture Vlog, viewers can witness firsthand as Katie springs into action aiding Louise in registering some newborn calves, treatments and much more..

As the eldest of three daughters, Louise always harbored a deep-seated ambition to pursue full-time farming, a passion that was nurtured by her upbringin. Determined to equip herself with the necessary skills and knowledge, Louise took the decisive step of enrolling at Pallaskenry Agricultural College, conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from her family’s home.

Upon completing her studies, Louise wasted no time in putting her newfound expertise to work. Joining forces with her father in a fruitful partnership, she set about implementing a series of strategic initiatives aimed at expanding and enhancing their dairy enterprise. Central to this endeavor was the expansion of their herd. Recognising the importance of optimising farm efficiency and sustainability, this included projects such as reseeding a significant portion of their land and implementing cutting-edge techniques to maximise productivity while minimising environmental impact.

In her quest to embrace modern farming methodologies, Louise turned to technology as a valuable ally. Embracing the digital age, she took advantage of innovative solutions like the Herdwatch app, revolutionising the way she manages her farm records. By digitising her operations, Louise not only streamlined administrative tasks but also gained invaluable insights that empower her to make informed decisions for the future of her farm.

Louise explained on our tour in January that she has calved 25 cows so far and even had a set of twin heifers in the mix! Record keeping and tracking performance are important to the Limerick farmer as she explains how she registers calves efficiently on the farm.


The phone and the tagger- the only two things you need, you can have your calves tagged & registered in seconds which is brilliant!”
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Louise shared the challenges she faced on her farm prior to integrating the Herdwatch app into her operations. Reflecting on her previous approach, Louise admitted to a common struggle among farmers: the time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual record-keeping. Like many before her, Louise found herself falling into the habit of postponing calf registrations, opting to tackle them in batches later on. However, this practice often led to mistakes and oversights on paper, jeopardizing the accuracy and reliability of her farm records.

Recognising the need for a more efficient and foolproof solution, Louise embraced the Herdwatch app with open arms. With the app at her fingertips, Louise gained the ability to register calves promptly and accurately, straight from her mobile device. This newfound convenience not only eliminated the risk of errors associated with manual data entry but also allowed her to maintain up-to-date records with ease.

While traditional methods like the whiteboard system may have their merits, Louise acknowledged their limitations. Despite its usefulness for on-the-yard communication, she conceded that the whiteboard system was not infallible, susceptible to accidental erasures and inconsistencies that could compromise data integrity. By contrast, the Herdwatch app offered Louise a reliable and secure platform for managing her farm records, empowering her to make informed decisions with confidence.

Louise holds her record keeping at a very high standard and explains the process she goes through when it comes to remedy purchases and treatments on the farm. Louise seamlessly integrates the app into her daily routine, effortlessly scanning remedies and selecting appropriate treatments for individual cows, ensuring accurate documentation and enhancing efficiency. When faced with a cow that calved twins and exhibited a slightly high temperature, Louise swiftly administers a two-day treatment regimen, promptly recording it on the app for future reference. She highlights the apps Watchboard feature, which serves as a valuable reminder system for upcoming tasks, ensuring no treatment goes overlooked.

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If you want to join Louise and the 21,000 other happy farmers using Herdwatch to simplify their farm management, simply download the FREE app today by clicking the button below!

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