Cornwall farmer secures beef contract complimentary of Herdwatch


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| Apr 4, 2019

Jessica Jeans farmer with cow

Jessica Jeans is a suckler and beef farmer from Cornwall, England. Jessica has a degree in rural business management. In partnership with her husband Will, they run a 300-acre National Trust farm on the Devon/Cornwall border. On average the South West England farm homes 75 suckler cows and rears roughly 50 Belgian blue calves for beef.


A few months ago, while reviewing their farm management both Jessica and Will agreed that they were spending too much time filling out paperwork and keeping records to ensure they met regulation. Jessica who was primarily responsible for trawling through endless amounts of paperwork now uses Herdwatch to record all her farm management.

Breeding Season

Jessica utilises Herdwatch also for breeding management . Herdwatch allows her to record all breeding information such as heat detection, cows being served, cows running with the bull and performing pregnancy scans.

‘The Herdwatch app makes managing your breeding as simple and stress free as possible.’

Herdwatch allows you to see exactly what is going on with your cows. It also allows you to get ahead of any potential issues like non-cycling cows, while also sending you a push notification about any cows that are due to repeat.

‘I have all breeding information at my fingertips.’

 herdwatch cows

Learn more about Herdwatch for breeding season

Morrison’s Beef Contract

Recently Jessica and Will have secured a direct beef contract with Morrisons , Supermarket. It was essential that Jessica’s farm management and audits were all top quality in order to achieve this.

‘Securing the contract with Morrisons was complimentary of Herdwatch.’

Jessica relies on Herdwatch to record medicine and treatments. The farm medicine scanner within Herdwatch can recognise each Barcode and knows what medicine it is and what its corresponding VMD number is.

scanning remedy

Learn more about the Farm Medicine Scanner

More recent, Jessica had an unexpected visit from the Head of Red Meat, at Morrisons to her Cornwall farm. Jessica admits that before an unexpected inspection like this would have instilled dread in her, however courtesy of Herdwatch Jessica had nothing to worry about.

“The fact that I could demonstrate all the data at my fingerprints really showed them our ability and professionalism.”


Try Herdwatch for FREE for and see the benefits for yourself

You too can join Jessica and over 10,000 happy farmers saving time on farm paperwork and managing their farms more efficiently.

The Free-Plan allows farmers to:

· Download their Herd from APHIS (NI), BCMS (UK)

· Record 5 calf registrations

· Record their medicine purchases

· Record Heat detection and general tasks



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