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| Oct 22, 2020

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Here at Herdwatch, we are constantly improving our app and adding new features so you can spend less time on farm paperwork and spend more time on things that really matter to you. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with one of the most trusted Irish farmer-owned organisations, FRS Network (Farm Relief Services) to provide even easier ways to manage your farm.

We were the first to allow members order replacement tags through our app back in January 2019 and since then, thousands of orders for tags have been placed through our app with great feedback on how much time it has saved farmers. 

Now, our Irish members can order services from FRS (Farm Relief Services) through our app at the click of a button. So the next time you need FRS Fencing to get a bit of fencing done or need a relief milker in for the weekend from FRS Farm Relief, you can send this request direct to your local FRS Co-op through the Herdwatch app, anytime, anywhere!

Play the video below to see how easy it is: 

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What FRS Services can farmers order through the Herdwatch app?


Farm Services:

  • Relief milking
  • General farm work
  • Hoof Care
  • Other Farm Services
  • Member Benefits Scheme (click here for details of this great scheme)
  • You can also let FRS know that you are available for Farm Services work

Fencing Services:

  • Fencing (Supply only)
  • Fencing (Supply & erect)
  • You can also let FRS know that you are available for Fencing work
  • Click here to find out more about what FRS Fencing can do for you


Once you submit your request, your local FRS Farm Relief or FRS Fencing coordinator will contact you to confirm your request and order, simple… 

If you are not using the Herdwatch NextGen today, you’ll need our new app in order to avail of this new feature, which is part of our FREE basic plan, just click below to download the app: 




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