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| Aug 4, 2022

Tyreshift Agventions finalist

The third annual Herdwatch Agventions competition in association with the Tullamore Show is back with a bang this year having been put on hold for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The competition was set up with a view to connecting and rewarding farmers who have created innovative solutions to problems on their farm.

The judges’ panel (pictured below) for the competition was made up of Herdwatch Co-founder & CEO Fabien Peyaud, David Frizelle, Nick Berry & Rodney Cox of the Tullamore Show, Pat Gilligan of FBD Insurance & Cathal Cremen of AgriLand. 

Fabien Peyaud from Herdwatch commented –

The entries to this year’s Agventions competition exceeded our expectations, with over 20 brilliant inventions and modifications to farm equipment, both big and small. The judges’ panel had a very tough time deciding the short-list and we really look forward to announcing the winner at the Tullamore Show on the 14th of August!”.

The best Agvention will get a €300 cash prize and will be entered in the National Inventions Competition which has a prize fund of €3,900 with prizes for the runners up as well. You will be able to view the Agventions from the below finalists at the Tullamore Show on the 14th (transport permitting).


Headgate Calving Assist – Francis & John Barron

“We have had a conventional calving gate on our Suckler Farm for some time and identified some improvements that would make assisted calving safer for both the farmer and the unborn calf by creating a new enlarged space next to the wall.

When a cow goes down facing the wall, there is limited room behind the cow to operate a calving jack safely. Our solution was to space the headgate 0.5m from the hinge point.

This allows the animal to be positioned out from the wall, increasing the farmer’s safe work space at the back of the cow and increased leverage is also achieved. A swinging gate was fitted to the inner side of the headgate to guide the cow into position, before being fixed in place. These changes greatly improve the ability to deliver a calf safely.”

Lime Spreader – Patrick Coleman

“We have used a Vink lime spreader mounted on a wheelbarrow frame, controlled by bicycle brakes for the last ten years and needed to find an easier way to fill the spreader.

A blue barrel was cut to the right height to take the lime from the hanging bag of lime and a sliding chute was added underneath. We can now spread lime in 120 cubicles in about 5 to 7 minutes now, saving a lot of time.”

Tyreshift – Albert O’Neill 
 Crush Mate (1)

“My agvention was first made in 2021. I’ve dubbed it the TYRESHIFT. It is used to help place tyres on the silo pit and it has greatly reduced the labour required. A hydraulically powered chain with specially made teeth grip up to 70 sidewall tyres.

It fits onto standard pallet toes and another feature is a tray for transporting a plastic cover up the pit which is held securely with a rope and catch.

Covering the pit is now done in half the time and I have started to sell a few to other farmers as well with very positive feedback.”

The Crush Mate – Seamus Dunne

Untitled design - 2022-08-04T122135.807

“Crush Mate is an animal handling device, designed as an accessory for animal crushes, chutes or races, to immobilise smaller animals.

When fixed on the inside of the unit, it is used to narrow the crush size and restrict the movement of the animal. It can fit to size with its adjustable linkages.

Freeze branding, castrating and many more works can now be done more efficiently for the animal and user. It is also very beneficial in the training of heifers in robotic milking systems.”

Post Driver Front Loader Linkage – Brendan O’Connell

Untitled design - 2022-08-04T123655.924

“A bracket to fit a post driver to a front loader. Its much safer way of driving posts.
The person driving the loader is facing the man on the ground at all times. Makes it easier to communicate.”

Meet the Herdwatch Team at the Tullamore show Sunday, August 14th 2022 and find out who our winner is on the day!

The Herdwatch team will be on hand at the Tullamore Show to answer any question that you may have about the Agventions competition or indeed the Herdwatch or Flockwatch apps.

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