How much slurry will be produced on your farm this winter? Use the Herdwatch slurry calculator to find out..


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| Jul 26, 2022

Spreading slurry

The Herdwatch Slurry Calculator helps farmers take control of their slurry and maximise efficiency.

Being in total control of fertiliser costs by maximising the use of slurry is a massive area of cost saving that many farmers can still exploit. This slurry calculator will allow you to see how much slurry you can expect to be produced on farm throughout the winter months allowing you to cut costs on buying in fertiliser.

The calculator uses the amount of beef, dairy, dry cows, ewes, lambs etc. along with the winter housing period to calculate the slurry produced. The calculator will provide your results in:

  • The total produced in cubic metres per week 
  • The total gallons 
  • The total 1700 gallon tanks 
  • The toal 2000 gallon tanks

Calculate the amount of slurry which will be produced on your farm this winter now.



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