Herdwatch launches “Verified Ads by Herdwatch” feature allowing farmers to buy & sell animals simply & securely….


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| Oct 5, 2022

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Herdwatch, the Number 1 Farm Management App have launched their new  ‘Verified Ads by Herdwatch’ programme allowing farmers to buy & sell animals simply and securely through the Herdwatch app.

‘Verified Ads by Herdwatch’ lets farmers share verified animal information including age, breeding, movements, weights & more on the Herdwatch platform to over 17,000 farmers. Farmers can now browse through animal listings on the Herdwatch App or the Herdwatch website.

Once you have your animals in the Herdwatch app you can simply select the animal you would like to sell and all of the animals key details will be provided by the app, all you have to do is simply name your price or indeed open yourself to offers.

‘Verified by Herdwatch’ has evolved through the years. Amid the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020, multiple restrictions and lockdowns left farmers with a struggle to buy & sell animals. Herdwatch reacted quickly and solved this problem with the creation of a free ‘Covid Cattle Exchange’, connecting farmers who needed to sell animals with farmers who wanted to buy animals. This platform saw over 6,000 listings in 3 months.

In February 2021, following on from the ‘Covid Cattle Exchange’, Herdwatch teamed up with a leading online sales platform in Ireland to allow its members to harness to power of data when buying and selling animals.


‘Verified by Herdwatch’ is a decision support tool that lets farmers share verified animal information from Herdwatch with other farmers allowing peace of mind on farm to farm sales.

Now, the ‘Verified Ads by Herdwatch’ programme allows Herdwatch members across Ireland and the UK to post their animals for sale instantly instead of having to transfer their animal details to another platform, and pay for each advert, Herdwatch members can now instantly flag animals for sale and advertise them to 17,000 potential customers, right on the Herdwatch app!

Herdwatch CEO & Co-Founder Fabien Peyaud said “We are always looking for innovative ways to make farmers’ lives easier. In 2020 we built a solution to help farmers trade during lockdown, and this idea has now evolved to the Verified by Herdwatch’ programme we offer today which we are extremely proud of!” 

To get going on the ‘Verified Ads by Herdwatch’ programme and see current adverts, simply click here to open the listings page or download the FREE Herdwatch app. Herdwatch is the No.1 Farm Management Software across Ireland & the UK with over 17,000 farmers. Simplify your farm management today & say goodbye to farm paperwork.


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