Less Farm Paperwork Leads to A More Harmonious Marriage

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Feb 14, 2017

Rosie dairy farmer

As a farmer’s wife, Rosie knows all too well what farming life is like and how life on the farm operates,
living on a dairy farm and currently milking 66 cows. In 2016, Rosie and her husband stumbled upon an advert for Herdwatch in the Farmers Journal and were impressed with what they saw.  They took the plunge, bought the app and have not looked back since.

Life before Herdwatch

“We came across an ad for Herdwatch in the farmer’s journal one day and thought to ourselves, sure why not, we have nothing to lose.”

Rosie admits that life before Herdwatch was a lot different with the paperwork being the centre problem of a lot of stress in the household;

“Oh life before Herdwatch was great fun!  Trying to get my husband to bring in the dosing containers so I could write it down etc. was sometimes a chore. Sitting down at the laptop every few days to register calves was a test, hoping there wasn’t wrong registration as we would have to go back to square one.

The benefits of having Herdwatch

Although Herdwatch has not changed the way in which they farm, it has definitely saved time on paperwork and the arguments that come with it. Rosie is happy to have a much more “harmonious marriage”.

Registering the calves is now done in minutes. Rosie’s husband gets out his phone the minute he tags a cow so no mistakes are made, everything is now done there and then.  Dosing is also recorded straight away which Rosie admits was previously left until last minute;

“The dosing is now added in straight away, that was often a last minute job a few hours before we had a Bord Bia inspection.”

 With the help of Herdwatch life is that bit easier on the farm and the fear of paper work is long gone.

“So far we only have it on one device, I am really enjoying my freedom, I never want the pressure of the paper work back again! Life now is much easier with Herdwatch.



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