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| Mar 6, 2023

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Buy & Sell by Herdwatch has replaced Verified by Herdwatch and is packed with new features to make online buying and selling even easier! In this article we take a look at some tips and tricks from our in house livestock experts to maximise the impact of your listings!

Buy & Sell by Herdwatch allows farmers to advertise & find animals for sale simply, through a trusted network of over 18,000 Herdwatch members in Ireland & the UK.

Formerly known as Verified by Herdwatch, the Buy & Sell brand better reflects the future of buying and selling online. 

All Herdwatch members can continue to use this service for FREE and all livestock adverts will continue to include ‘Verified’ animal information for peace of mind.

With that in mind here are some top tips from our inhouse livestock specialists to make the most out of your online advert with Buy & Sell. 

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5 Top Tips for Selling Animals Online:

1. Use Good Quality Photos – Good quality photos will allow you to showcase your animals. Be sure to use a good quality camera or smartphone when taking your photos. Make sure the lighting is good and the animal is facing the camera if at all possible. A dark shed is not an ideal background for a photo if you have the animal out on a paddock try and capture the photo then or if the animals are in the shed bring it out in the yard in the daylight to get a clearer photo with a clear background.

2. Enhance Your Ad With A Video Buy & Sell by Herdwatch now has video! Using a video can further showcase your stock. Again like photos, videos should be of good quality. Take your video in good lighting and against a contrasting background if possible. Videos allow you to show how well your stock moves and that they are sound on their feet. Try to video on good level ground to show a natural uninterrupted gait. Video will also allow you to showcase a 360 degree view of your animal, almost as if the buyer is in the yard with you. 

3. Use A Descriptive Title – Your listing title is another major factor when trying to get perspective buyers to further explore the animal you have for sale. The title shouldn’t be too long but should include the breed, whether it is a bull, calf, weanling etc. so its easily searchable for perspective buyers and indeed if it has a key selling point such as “pedigree” be sure to include this in your title.

Some good examples of listing titles: “Pedigree Charolais Bull”, “5 star Hereford Heifer” “In-Calf Friesian Heifers”

4. Provide Relevant Information – Think about all the information you would like to know if you were purchasing an animal, all this should be readily available for perspective buyers viewing your advert. When advertising using “Buy & Sell by Herdwatch” this will be very straight forward as all the animals key information that your selling will be brought down by the app in a simple easy to view format for perspective buyers once you select the animal your selling. However you may want to add additional information. 

For example if advertising Dairy cows provide recent SCC and milk quality results. For a breeding bull, is he fertility tested? For calves – did they receive colostrum and for how long.

5. Tell a Story –  The description area provides you with the opportunity to sell the animal. A good opening line here is key, here you are trying to market the animal in the best light possible. 

A good example of a description is “Smashing healthy limousin x shorthorn heifers. Limousin out of shorthorn cows. Weaned and eating meal would be ideal for breeding or feeding. Happy to answer any further queries.” 

PRO TIP: Always have a price in mind when selling –  When listing your animal for sale it is always best to have an idea of what price you would be happy to receive. Buy & Sell by Herdwatch unlike many other online selling platforms does not require a price to be named when posting your animals for sale, you can simply select open to offers to see what prices you might get offered for your animals. 

Did you know?

There is no commission charged if your sell or purchase stock and you can list your ads for FREE! 

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What’s new in Buy & Sell?

It could not be easier to create a listing, simply select the animals and set a price! We’ve also added a number of new features to make your ad even more attractive for potential buyers:

  • Add videos to your listing to make your stock stand out!
  • Show details of your individual stock on a separate tab!
  • Share ads with potential buyers directly to social media!
  • Filter for exactly what you’re looking for e.g. number of movements, days in herd, Quality assured herd.

This service also helps buyers to simplify their purchasing decisions by allowing them to find the types of animals they want quicker whether that is by location, breed, age, weights & more quickly and with confidence in what they are looking at…

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