The Top 10 Counties Buying Calves This Spring

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Mar 29, 2017

calf purchased chart

Movement Cert Applications Up 77%

This year alone, movement cert applications in Herdwatch were up by 77%. We delved more into the figures showing us what Counties were buying the most calves. We looked at calves bought in from marts and through farm-to-farm movements, some of the results came as a surprise to us. 

So what counties buy the most calves?

How many calves have each county bought this year?

       COUNTY               AMOUNT PURCHASED
1)   CORK                                     2,260
2)   TIPPERARY                           2,048
3)   OFFALY                                 1,176
4)   LIMERICK                               751
5)   CLARE                                     672
6)   KILKENNY                               556
7)   LAOIS                                      504
8)   KILDARE                                 469
9)   WATERFORD                         406
10)  WEXFORD                             356

Our farmers tell that they save an average of 5 minutes per movement. This equates to a total time saved this year on Animal Movements of 979 hours or 40 day’s worth of farm paperwork.

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