Thousands of Farmers saving time and hassle with Herdwatch

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Mar 29, 2016

David Lowry farmer and eoin

If you haven’t heard about Herdwatch, or haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to find out why farmers are taking it up in their thousands to save time.

What is Herdwatch?

Herdwatch is an app that allows you to quickly and easily record compliance and farm events on your phone, there and then, saving you hours in farm paperwork. Using this tool takes the stress out of audits and inspections, by helping keep you compliant at all times with the Department of Agriculture, Bord Bia and ICBF.

The No. 1 Farming App, recommended by Farmers

Over 3,000 farmers throughout the country are using Herdwatch to reduce their farm paperwork, making Herdwatch the No.1 Farming App in Ireland. This has happened in less than 2 years for one simple reason: farmers already using Herdwatch are recommending it to other Dairy, Beef and Suckler Farmers.


David Lowry using Herdwatch to record remedies and save time on his farm in co Tipp

Why use Herdwatch?

All your Bord Bia Remedies can be quickly recorded on your phone as you’re injecting cattle, which saves you time and is 100% compliant with Bord Bia. Not only that, you will always have a current list of animals in meat or milk withdrawal. This will eliminate any potential mistakes around letting milk into the tank or selling cattle to the factory that may be in withdrawal.

All this will be recorded in the animal history, so you can quickly identify problem cattle.

Herdwatch helps get cows back in calf Quicker

Herdwatch will improve the way you manage your breeding cycle.  Herdwatch farmers had a calving interval 26 days shorter than the national average of 392 days last year. One of the reasons Farmers achieved this was by recording heat detections through the app, which creates a reminder for 3 weeks later, and reduces the chance of missing a heat. Herdwatch will also tell you what cows have had no heat activity since calving, so you will catch cows with cysts or other breeding problems early, and it will tell you when your cows are due to repeat.

Of course you can also record Serves and Scans through Herdwatch. All this information is then sent automatically to the ICBF, saving the job of re-entering it a second time.

What else can Herdwatch do?

  • Movement Certs
  • Weight Recording
  • Animal Groups
  • Advanced reports
  • Multiple Devices
  • Works even with no internet


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