Unleash Farming Potential: Grants for High-Tech Equipment Closing Soon


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| Jun 1, 2023

Farming technology & equipment fund - FETF

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund, available to English farmers and growers since March, will be concluding on June 15th, 2023. This fund is a part of the broader Farming Investment fund and provides grants for specific equipment to enhance productivity, promote environmental sustainability, and improve animal health and welfare.


Each equipment item is assigned a score based on DEFRA’s assessment of how well it aligns with the scheme’s objectives. Applications can be made for a minimum of £1000 and a maximum of £25,000. Each selected item is assigned a score out of 100. The cumulative scores of all items in your application will determine the total score, which will be used to calculate the average score for the requested number of items. A higher score increases the likelihood of receiving a grant.

To access the application form click the button below.


Here are some suggested items that may be useful:

  1. FETF82: EID Handheld Device (Stick Reader)

    • Handheld device with RFID technology for individual reading of animals
    • Capable of scanning tags, storing tag data, and wirelessly connecting to mobile phones or other devices
    • Should support HDX and FDX B tags
    • Score: 85 points
  2. FETF243A: Sheep Race

    • Standalone race for sheep handling
    • Minimum requirements: 1 guillotine gate, 1 stop gate or drafting gate, sheeted hurdles, and coupling rods
    • Total length of the race must be at least 4.8m
    • Should be compatible with any handling system and made from durable materials like galvanized steel or polypropylene
    • Score: 90 points
  3. FETF65: Calving Gate

    • Calving gate with a built-in swinging gate to safely restrain cows
    • Features include adjustable full-length head yoke with quick release, device to prevent backward movement, and removable side rails or access panels for medical treatment or calving-related activities
    • Score: 97 points

Farming Technology & Equipment Fund (FETF) (1)

Please note that ex-demo, second-hand, part exchange, and ‘try before you buy’ items are not eligible for grant funding.

If your application is successful, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. Completed claim and declaration form.
  2. Copies of the invoices.
  3. Copies of payment evidence, such as bank statements, building society statements, or business credit card statements.
  4. Photographic evidence of the equipment in situ (where applicable) for each item.
  5. Photograph of the manufacturer’s plate or a scanned image from the installation or operating manual showing the serial number of each item.
  6. Installation and operating manuals, if necessary, to demonstrate eligibility of the item.

For more information, see the link below. Remember, the application deadline is June 15th!

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