Video: Award Winning Dairy Herd Moo’ves Back into Glastonbury.

Patrick Bolger

| Cattle & Dairy

| Jul 27, 2017

Farmer in field cows

The Glastonbury music festival recently wrapped up in the English countryside near Pilton, Somerset. The festival attracted a crowd of over 175,000 ticket holders from around the world. Since the festivals inception in 1976,

Glastonbury has been held in Worthy Farm Fields which is owned by the festival founder Micheal Eavis. Eavis is renowned not only for Glastonbury but also his award winning dairy cows which graze the same site.

Due to this years uncharacteristically dry festival, Glastonbury experienced one of its fastest clean ups ever. Typically, it would take the clean-up crew 6 weeks to 2 months to have the site ready for grazing animals but this year it only took a week for Eavis to return 50 of his 380-strong herd back to his fields. Going by the video below, it was obvious that they were happy to be back.

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