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| Jul 15, 2020

Farm Compliance Schemes Cheat Sheet

Cross Compliance

Herdwatch is fully compliant with the farm records you need to capture for the Department of Agriculture cross compliance inspections as well as Bord Bia Quality Assurance standards. So once you record your calf registrations, animal movements, remedy purchases, remedy usages and feed purchases in Herdwatch, there’s no need to send off any forms or to write them into any book.

When it comes time for an inspection or audit, you can easily get a report from the Herdwatch app which you can print off and show the inspector/auditor on the spot.

Bord Bia  

Herdwatch members save on average 3 hours per week on farm paperwork meaning you’ll have time to do other things that really matter; whether that’s spending more time with family & friends in the evening or just enjoying a bit of downtime without having to worry about your paperwork.

Herdwatch is fully Department of Agriculture and compliant with Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) and Sustainable Beef & Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS). This means that when an event such as a remedy or feed purchase is recorded in Herdwatch, then you are fully compliant.

You can also record all your sheep remedies in Herdwatch. To record a sheep remedy, you simply select the number of sheep you have treated and their I.D or group name. 

You can capture your farm records out on the farm (or in the farm store) as they happen, using your smart phone or tablet, the Herdwatch app even works without internet connectivity. The information is the backed up the cloud when an internet connection is available which means your vital records will always be safe.


Suckler, Beef and Sheep farmers can also save time on farm paperwork every week meeting several scheme requirements with our app. This once again means that when an event such as feed purchases or weights (BEEP-S), it can be recorded in Herdwatch to ensure you are fully compliant.

You can record calf size and vitality (vigour) right in the calf record in seconds. These ratings will be passed on to ICBF automatically for the Beef Data Genomics Programme. (BDGP)

What Compliance information can I record in Herdwatch?

  • Remedy Purchases
  • Remedy Stock Tracking
  • Animal Remedy Treatments
  • Feed Purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide Use
  • Weight Recording
  • Breeding Records (BDGP)
  • Weaning Dates (BEEP-S)


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