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| May 10, 2019

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So you have been using Herdwatch to record your compliance events and now you have an audit coming up. Well the good news is the hard bit is over!

Whether its a Bord Bia audit or Department of Agriculture cross compliance inspection, you can easily get reports emailed to you that have everything the auditor or inspector wants to see. 

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> Tap the Remedy Icon on the home screen.
> Tap Run a Report or Prepare for an audit
> Tap on the Audit Type (Bord Bia Audit/Dept. Inspection)
> Tap on the relevant report i.e  – Remedy Usage Report
> You can the input the time-frame for when you want the reports then tap Run
> Tap Email me This Report

The report will be then emailed to you in a PDF format which can be shown on a PC or printed out for the Auditor.

Making the Bord Bia audit easier

Dairy farmer Paul Thompson from Mohill, Co. Leitrim recently passed his Bord Bia audit. The auditor was very impressed with his medical reports in Herdwatch.

“Our Bord Bia audit was much easier this year as I am using Herdwatch more and more.The remedy purchases and usage records were ran on the App emailed and printed off in a matter of minutes.Thanks to Herdwatch.”

DSC_0287-3Say goodbye to scraps of paper or the back of your hand as a notebook!

Have you a farm inspection coming up?

A Bord Bia audit is often times stressful and difficult to prepare for. After all, it’s a matter of securing the income of your farm. Not to worry! We have compiled a handy SBLAS checklist that you can print off.

Try Herdwatch for FREE

Herdwatch is fully compliant with Bord Bia and EU quality assurance standards and allows farmers to register calves and manage cattle movements on their phone. It is fully integrated with ICBF so farmers can see their breeding, milk records and EBI/Eurostar information on Herdwatch.

You too can join Brian and over 10,000 happy farmers saving time on crucial farm paperwork and managing their farms more efficiently for FREE.

The Free-Plan allows farmers to:

  • Download their Herd from APHIS (NI), BCMS (UK) or Agfood (IRL) 
  • Record 5 calf registrations
  • Record their medicine purchases
  • Record Heat detection and general tasks



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