The Herd for Ukraine


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| May 10, 2022

Stand with Ukraine devils bit poster

The Herdwatch Team have friends and colleagues in Ukraine who are suffering an illegal and immoral war that destroys lives daily. We wanted to do our bit, with your help, to support Ukraine and its courageous and resilient people. 




As part of this fundraiser, Herdwatch Team will “climb” the famous Devil’s Bit mountain in Co. Tipperary on 3rd June 2022, where an Ice Bucket Challenge will take place at the top… so regardless of the weather, at least some of us will be wet and cold!

So please donate what you can and share this campaign to help us make The Devil’s Bit feel a little more like Everest! You can pick your favourite Herdwatch Team member on the donation page, to help them get up the hill and avoid the ice bucket! We really appreciate your support.

Every Euro collected will go to help Ukrainian people via the great charity funded by Adi Roche in 1991, The Chernobyl Children’s Project.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

The Herdwatch Team and our Ukrainian friends & colleagues


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