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Emmerdale Star Kelvin Fletcher opens up on his unexpected journey into agriculture

Meg Ahern


| Feb 22, 2024

two farmers outside katie and kelvin

In the latest instalment of our AgVentures with Herdwatch series, the Herdwatch team made a trip to The Peak District in the UK to visit very special guest Kelvin Fletcher renowned as Andy from Emmerdale. For two decades, Kelvin captivated audiences with his portrayal of Andy the farmer on the hit television show. Yet, in a remarkable turn of events, Kelvin, despite his “townie” roots and lack of farming heritage, decided to take the plunge into real-life agriculture.

For the Fletchers, it all began in 2020, a year remembered for its unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, Kelvin and his wife Liz, were set to make a big move, to an arguably sunnier, California, their plans were abruptly derailed by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with this unforeseen obstacle, they found themselves at a crossroads, with Andy’s instinctive wisdom guiding their path, the couple were attracted by a rural lifestyle and moved out to a beautiful 120-acre farm in The Peak District.

two farmers katie and kelvin

Originally, Kelvin had no intention of taking up farming, which was understandable having not come from a farming background, and according to Kelvin himself, he “knew nothing about agriculture”. But it didn’t take long before the idea of farming drew him in.

two farmers outside katie and kelvin

Having a low input farming system allows Kelvin and his wife to continue their careers as actors. At the moment, he is not worried about the level of output and yields on the farm, with the focus more on a new lifestyle, and a lot of learning! Speaking about his future plans, Kelvin is interested in adding some cattle to his collection and exploring the beef route.

The Fletcher’s farming story has captured the attention of many, especially those who have tuned into their new hit television show, Fletcher’s Family Farm, that aired on ITV for 8 weeks at the end of last year. The series followed the adventures of the Fletchers, showcasing all the highs and lows of farming life, all while Kelvin and Liz also raised their four children. If you are curious to see how Kelvin is getting on since series one of Fletcher’s Family Farm aired last year, then you will not want to miss the latest episode of AgVentures with Herdwatch, watch below.

You can also stay up to date with the Fletchers by following their journey on Instagram @fletchersonthefarm, tune in to catch a behind the scenes glimpse of what day to day life looks like on the farm!

The Fletchers have been using Herdwatch for almost 2 years, Kelvin has found that it is easy to use and very user friendly.

“It’s really good, really simple, easy to use”.

When it comes to all the paperwork associated with farming such as medicine purchases, treating sheep, and recording breeding, Herdwatch has helped Kelvin simplify and organise his farming practices over the last 2 years.

“In the past I’ve had little notes here and there, dotted around, and when I need to know that information, it’s not really ideal, so the app’s great because there and then you can find out pretty much everything about your whole flock”.

farmer using app kelvin sheep

If you want to join Kelvin and the 21,000 other happy farmers using Herdwatch to simplify their farm management, simply download the FREE app today by clicking the button below!

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