Herdwatch at the RUAS Beef and Lamb Championships


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| Nov 28, 2018

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Since September 2018 Herdwatch, the award-winning farm management app is available to farmers in Northern Ireland. After months of hard work and testing, We are delighted to bring our easy to use app to Suckler, Sheep, Beef and Dairy farmers in Northern Ireland.

To celebrate the launch of Herdwatch to Northern Ireland farmers we attended the first Royal Ulster Agriculture Society Beef and Lamp Championships at the Eikon Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 27th November 2018.

Contrary to the weather the event was far from a wash out, with a wide selection of beef championship showing classes, calf classes, calf young handlers, lamb showing classes, championships and lamb young handlers in attendance.

In the evening was the ever popular sale auctioning some of the best quality sheep and cattle Northern Ireland producers have to offer .This attracted a very large audience with animals sold at compelling prices.


Herdwatch at the RUAS Beef and Lamb Championships

The show also offered the chance for attendees to visit over 40 agri-specific trade stands. Herdwatch team members were among this. This was our first opportunity to engage with our Northern Ireland Audience. Likewise, it is our pleasure to answer any questions or queries that were raised about Herdwatch on the day.


  Get daily reminders in the Watchboard.


Our team offered live demonstrations of Herdwatch, showcasing some of the app’s features such as the breeding tool, how to to register calves in under a minute , weight recording on the go , how to get daily reminders in the Watchboard, how to produce reports in seconds and much more.

Learn more about accessing your Herd records on the go.

Recording Medicine is now easier than ever

Herdwatch recognised that recording farm medicines has been a constant challenge for farmers. We therefore created the Farm Medicine Scanner to counteract this . By creating a piece of software to make it much easier for farmers to record their medicines, by allowing them to record purchases and treatments on the spot using the app.

scanning remedy

 Medicine Recording on the spot with Herdwatch.


 Learn how recording medicine is easier than ever

At Herdwatch we understand the pressure and strain that farmers are facing with increased paperwork. With that we made it our mission to to help farmers protect their farm income by taking the paperwork and hassle out of farm compliance.


You too can join over 8,000 happy farmers saving time on farm paperwork and managing their farms more efficiently. Call us today on 020 3773 2763 (GB & NI) or 0505-34400 (Ireland)  or email

Try the app for free

Getting set up on Herdwatch has never been easier, farmers can now simply download the app and sign up to the FREE-PLAN.

The new Free-Plan which allows farmers to:

  • Download their Herd from APHIS (NI), BCMS (UK) or Agfood (IRL) 
  • Record 5 calf registrations
  • Record their medicine purchases
  • Record Heat detection and general tasks


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