Herdwatch launches brand new sheep management app Flockwatch


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| Mar 14, 2022

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Herdwatch is a true AgriTech success story since being co-founded out of the farmer-owned co-operative FRS Network 8 years ago and has grown to be used on over 16,000 farms across Ireland and the UK by delivering a simple, easy to use and reliable app which saves farmers an average of 3 hours a week on paperwork. 

When we launched Herdwatch, we set out to help farmers reduce the overwhelming amount of paperwork required for farm compliance. Since then, Herdwatch has evolved into an app that is as much about monitoring herd performance as it is about compliance, and our existing members find it very useful to make better and faster on-farm decisions. 


Our new service, Flockwatch is going to do the same thing for sheep farmers by allowing them to track flock performance and health individually or in groups in one simple to use app. It takes the best of what we have learned from working with cattle farmers and applies those learnings to different farm enterprises. 

Our company mission is very simple, we are laser-focused on the digitalisation of farming for the benefit of farmers in order to make their businesses more sustainable and profitable and Flockwatch is another example of how we will deliver on this mission. 

We know that more and more farmers are embracing digitalisation of their farm management everyday and are committed to staying ahead of their needs by developing a entirely new NextGen app in 2020, launching a new Farm Maps by Herdwatch in 2021 and Flockwatch is the first of many exciting developments to come in 2022.

With Flockwatch, sheep farmers now have an app at their fingertips which willFlockwatch Home Screen Updated-2 allow rapid capture of lambing, breeding, weighing, medicines records and more. The Flockwatch app will highlight the best and worst performing ewes in order to make better decisions for the following season. 

Flockwatch is now available by downloading the Herdwatch app and choosing ‘sheep’ as your farm type and it will bring you to the dedicated Flockwatch app to start managing your flock.


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Flockwatch will allow sheep farmers to:

  • Manage your Flock performance to SELL MORE LAMBS
  • Manage your Flock individually or in Groups
  • Record lambing and track ewe performance
  • Lameness management to track repeat offenders
  • Weight recording to track average daily gains (no need to purchase a new weigh-head)
  • Feed & medicine reports for Farm Compliance
  • Connect your EID Reader to scan ear tags to view an animal’s history or add records easily
  • Pre-Audit Check to help with farm assurance
  • Picture Records to add animal images and keep copies of your receipts
  • Breeding performance to breed from your best ewes *
  • Flock register for Farm Compliance – births, tagging, movements & deaths *

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